Senior Brand Strategist ×

■ 職種 Senior Brand Strategist
■ 部署 Brand Strategy
■ 業務内容 1. Leads development of brand strategies, writing creative briefs, guiding development and presentation of creative work including pitches.
2. Leads development of a customer journey and a go-to-market blueprint that identifies communication tasks and touchpoints including setting KPIs.
3. Design and implementation of research projects to address client business issues, gain insight into target audiences, testing ad concept and to understand effectiveness with post campaign analysis.
4. Manages and directs assistant strategists & interns assigned to them providing guidance and on the job training.
■ 求めるスキル 1. Is familiar with most forms of quantitative and qualitative research methodologies and working knowledge of when and how to apply them to a given client challenge. Understands different methods of projective techniques in order to gain deeper consumer insight.
2. Has talent for abstract thinking, spotting trends and patterns, curiosity and insight into human behavior, an instinct for popular culture, and an understanding of creative work are critical.
3. Understands how to define the roles of media channels to achieve communication tasks along a consumer journey including setting of overall KPIs per communication task.
4. Ability to work directly with clients and develop relationships accordingly on behalf of the agency.
5. The ability to work across different groups and disciplines is key to their success, as is their judgment in pushing the work, elevating the ambition of a brand.
■ 言語 Fluent in Japanese / English proficiency preferred.