Senior Account Executive ×

■ 職種 Senior Account Executive
■ 部署 Saatchi & Saatchi
■ 業務内容 We are seeking an Account Executive to champion digital ideas, storytelling, user experience, and strategy, and spearhead smart digital solutions on behalf of our clients. We are looking for someone who is passionate about insights that can be derived from research in order to create work that is perceived by consumers as helpful instead of interruptive. Part strategist, part philosopher, part perpetual student - with a sincere love of all things storytelling and branding, and with a knack for ideas that consider the intersection between consumer path and digital ecosystem.
■ 求めるスキル • Flags and escalates issues driving scope creep
• Prioritizes and organizes tasks efficiently
• Understands impact and nature of content and platform initiatives in an effort to support the comprehensive deliverables to the client
• Overall day-to-day project management
• Steward of the brand and model strategies across disciplines
• Ability to successfully navigate through multiple departments and stakeholders both internally and with clients
• Assists Account Supervisor and Directors on other duties, no matter how small or large
• Team player; provides assistance to the Content team when and as required
• Demonstrates a deep understanding of both the Content & Platform functions
• Is able to deliver on (small to medium sized scope) updates and self-contained projects unaided
■ 言語 Fluent English, Fluent Japanese – broadly speaking.